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Clinical Heart Disease Clinical Auscultation and Physical Examination of the Cardiovascular System: Five Finger Approach

by W. Proctor Harvey, M.D. with Julius Bedynek, M.D. and David C. Canfield

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Introducing Dr. Harvey's exhaustive compilation of heart sound recordings, illustrations, and text on clinical auscultation.

Listening to the diagnostic findings of a large number of patients enables one to gain confidence and accuracy in diagnosis. However, sufficient numbers of patients with various cardiovascular conditions are not routinely available for auscultation. This book draws on Dr. Harvey's unparalleled collection of heart sounds and murmurs, which he has been directly recording from patients for more than five decades. His voice is heard throughout the recordings, guiding the listener to understand what is heard. In addition to the comprehensive clinical information, personal anecdotes have been blended into the written text and into the audio narration. Occasional classical music excerpts, which simulate various heart murmurs and rhythms, have also been added to the audio collection to aid in teaching clinical auscultation of the heart. Dr. Harvey maintains that "given the opportunity to listen to, say, fifty cases of mitral valve prolapse, one will never forget the acoustic findings." The text describes the compendium of acoustic findings, their significance, and the symptoms of thousands of patients and is richly illustrated with Dr. Harvey's sketches of his clinical observations. Valuable "cardiac pearls" are appropriately sprinkled throughout the book, rounding out this unique learning resource.

You can rapidly learn auscultation of the cardiovascular system by actually listening to the hearts of patients—the more, the better. Without question you can develop your accuracy, skill and confidence in the art of auscultation of the heart by actually hearing large numbers of a specific cardiac finding. Reading the text concerning the spectrum of findings heard with mitral valve prolapse illustrated by a sketch or phono cardiogram is valuable in learning to diagnose a specific lesion. However, hearing it in patients greatly enhances your diagnostic accuracy. After listening to a hundred patients with mitral valve prolapse, you acquire—without question—ability and confidence for accurate diagnosis. The recordings accompanying this book will provide you the opportunity to hear a large number of patients. Even better is to listen simultaneously with a teacher who comments and explains on each patient.